They want what you have.


If you are like most in the health-care industry you might have asked yourself at one time or another, “what would hackers or information thieves want that we have in our systems?”. After all you are not a bank or credit card company with tons of financial information, or are you?


The gold that glitters in your EHR database is personal infoirmation, and I dont mean blood types or medications , but drivers license scans, address’s and social security information. With a single data breach, a talented hacker can escape your network with hundreds or even thousands of stolen ID’s.

On the black market these ID’s will fetch between a dollar and fifty dollars, so getting access to databases with lots of personal information is key, and it just so happens that medical databases are full of just that sort of information. A few hours of a bad  guys time will potentially net between a thousand and ten-thousand dollar payday when the extracted data is sold (usually to Russian organized crime gangs) or even in some cases traded for World of Warcraft points and items for gaming.

The key to keeping your data safe starts with employee awareness and strong network perimeter defense, if either of these are lacking then your practice is at risk. Call Finao IT today to discuss making your patient data more secure!


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