Two kinds of IT support firms.

FINAO-IT Customer ServiceAll IT support companies fall into one of just two categories.

1.  Sales focused
2.  Customer service focused

Unfortunately as a recent experience with a new client shows, most support companies are sales focused.  We recently took control of IT support for a local medical practice, their reason for changing to our company was lack of service.

On a recent service call to this practice, I was told that their previous support company had informed them that they needed new keyboards for two of their Fujitsu tablets. I asked the practice manager to show me the two units so that I could collect serial and model number information in order to get the proper parts.

The customer proceeded to show me that a key on the first unfit was no longer functioning, examination revealed a staple lodged under the key!

The other unit had three keys that were not working, two were victims of the dreaded cookie crumb, and the third had popped off and been incorrectly replaced. 15 minutes later and between 3 and 500 dollars saved for the customer!

why? Because their old support partner was sales focused, not service focused!

If your current IT support company solves every problem with a visit to your checkbook, then just maybe you have a provider interested in how much they can sell you versus how much they can serve you?

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