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DNS Changer Virus – Over Kill

There has been a lot of craziness going on lately about the DNS Changer Virus/Malware.   Just like usual the media has been blowing it out of proportion.  Making it sound like the internet is going to come crashing down for Millions of user on July 9th, 2012.  Maybe this a precursor to the Mayan scare coming in December.  Probably not but the way they are going on this it would make you believe it.  The problem is real and there are many people that will be affected.  Not as many as they would like you to believe.  According to recent estimates there are approximately 300,000 computers that are still infected with the DNS Changer Virus/Malware.   For those 300,000 if they do not fix their computers then their access to the internet could be interrupted.  There is an easy way to find out if you have the virus.  The Government has set up a web site at this will tell you if you have the virus.  If the box on your screen is Green then you are alright.  If it turns Red than you have the DNS Changer virus and your internet access could be interrupted if the problem is not fixed by July 9th.  This site will not remove the virus if you have it.  It will only tell you if you have it or not.  More than likely you do NOT have this virus.  But it is easy enough to find out if you do so it can’t hurt anything to test it out.

If you are running a good Anti Virus software on your computer than you more than likely are not going to be affected by this in any way.  If you like to take your chances with out anti virus software then it is possible you have bigger problems than the DNS Changer Virus.  That is for another article.

Viruses for Everyone

 There was a time when you could use your computer how ever you wanted and you never had to worry about a virus. Computer viruses in some form have been around since the 70’s. The first computer viruses were written more as pranks than to be malicious. Continue reading →

Should I Open that e-mail?

 I get asked questions about opening e-mail attachments just about every day. Someone asks if they should open the e-mail that they got from a friend that claims it is the funniest, cutest, most important e-mail ever. It is a high risk low reward choice to open that e-mail. Continue reading →