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Why Do A Risk Assessment

home-riskIf you are a healthcare professional you are already aware that meaningful use compliance requires something called a “Risk Assessment”. If your business is not healthcare based, you might find it surprising that a Risk Assessment can be just as crucial to your business as it is to those healthcare firms who are required to do it.

What is a risk assessment? In short it is a form of audit, in which the security of your facility, infrastructure (including network), systems and most importantly data is tested . It is then compared against industry best practices as well as any regulatory requirments and a detailed report is issued showing deficiencies and needed remediation in order to meet or exceed legal, regulatory and best practices requirements. In addition you will be presented with details on the existing vulnerabilities and threats that could result in a data loss event.

The risk assessment preformed by Finao LLC. is an in-depth evaluation of your business’s security from the lighting in the parking area, to the network firewall and everything in-between. Taking a holistic approach, and a framework based on HIMSS and NIST guidelines and enhancing it with Finao LLC’s half century of combined IT and INFOSEC experience, we provide a truly in-depth and comprehensive risk assessment.

What value aside from meeting regulatory compliance will your business or practice receive from a Finao Risk Assessment?

1. Peace of mind that potential data security vulnerabilities are found and solutions offered to eradicate them.

2. A true analysis in an easy to understand format that provides you with the most likely risks for data loss AND various option to mitigate these risks.

3. Cost savings in potential fines and bad publicity due to a data breach.

4. In the event of legal proceedings, the ability to prove due diligence through best practices.

5. Confirmation that your Information Technology related vendors are keeping you compliant.

6. Discovery of potential abuse and/or prohibited activities by employees or vendors.

In closing, a yearly Risk Assessment when properly performed will provide the practice or business manager not only a realistic view of their firms exposure to risk of data or physical security breach but also provides a legal shield of due diligence and a fantastic base-line for future growth and planning.


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