How to Keep your Friends from Tagging you in Facebook Posts

Facebook is great if you use it the right way.  You may do this but your friends may not.  by default Facebook allows your friends to tag you in any post they want to.  You may not want them to be able to do this.  Fortunately you can take control of how and when you are tagged in a post or picture.  If you know where to change this it is easy to do.  Take control of your timeline in Facebook by following these east steps.

1.  Find the little cog in the top right on facebook

Facebook cog

2.  Click on it to get the Drop Down Menu and click on Privacy Settings. Facebook Privacy Settings



3.  Click on the Timeline and Tagging on the left side of the screen. Timeline and Tagging


This will Bring up the Timeline and tagging settings

4. Find the line that says Review Post Friends Tag you in and click edit. Timeline and Tagging Settings

5. change the setting from Disabled to Enabled.

Now you will receive a notification when ever someone tags you in a post and you will be able to decide if you want to be tagged in the post or not.

This way you can prevent someone from tagging you in something you just don’t want to be tagged in.  It will give you some more control over what appears on your timeline.  There are other settings in here you can change that will control who sees what and how your own posts appear to others on your time line.  If  you change something and it does not have the result you expected you can always change it back.


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