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Monsters really are out there….

Hello there, allow me to introduce myself,  on the dark side of the internet I am known by my hacker name of B1gB@dW01f .  My specialty is getting into your business by any means necessary and carrying away your most precious data.

That’s right, while you sleep nestled snugly in your bed, I am out there creeping through the darkness, looking for any vulnerability in your security. I might be lounging in my chair, munching on a ham sandwich, watching my software bot’s as they attempt to penetrate your network, or sitting in your parking lot with my laptop and some pork rinds trying to  access  your wireless network. I could be skimming data and looking for sumptuous bits of information that when combined will net me the entire  basket of goodies, even while you read this.


What goody Basket? Your financial data, patient data, customer lists, and anything else that is of value to your competitors, or even a certain Transylvanian crime syndicate.  In the event your network protection is not made of sticks or straw, I’ll stick my big wet nose into your trash to look for anything that didn’t get shredded.  If you have something in your goody basket that is enticing enough, I will even call up your front desk and pry some information out of your employees or, I might even attempt to get inside in disguise.

Once I have crept into your business electronically or physically and escaped with your data, then the real nightmare begins.  While I sell your data and enjoy the fat stacks of bacon cash, perhaps even taking a trip to grandma’s. You will be dealing with law enforcement, government regulators and even more monstrous, the media! You will spend lots of money to upgrade security and in lost business,  but most horrific will be the damage to the reputation of your business.

My advice? Build your defenses in layers of brick, make sure your employees are always on the lookout for monsters and trust no one, not even if they sort of resemble your grandma.


B1gB@dW01f is a long time security practitioner, his expertise includes wireless networks, firewalls, social engineering, disguise, and Countering certain Red Teams. He currently works as a consultant for the elder-care industry, and is writing his first book on security in agricultural business, specifically the pork industry.